JustiFLY 0.16% for Milk Replacer

  • Biting flies, including stable flies and horn flies, increase animal stress and reduce time spent feeding, thus slowing animal weight gain and reducing milk yields.
  • Depending on the number and types of flies and the type of facility and management practices, milk production losses from flies can range from negligible to up to 30%.
  • Besides decreased feed efficiency due to fly biting activity, flies may also contribute to dis­ease incidence in cattle, particularly mastitis in lactating cows and Pinkeye in young-stock.
  • Non-stressed calves are healthier and more productive
  • JustiFLY® 0.16% active ingredient (diflubenzuron) is considered to pose a low risk to human health and non-target organisms (fish, birds)
  • JustiFLY® 0.16% is approved for use in milk and milk replacers


JustiFLY® 0.16% for Milk Replacer is designed to be mixed with whole milk and/or reconstituted milk replacer prod­ucts to provide control of profit-robbing, disease-carrying flies. When mixed with whole milk or milk replacer products, diflubenzuron, the active ingredient in JustiFLY® 0.16% passes through the digestive tract and into the feces in sufficient con­centration to kill fly larvae. JustiFLY® 0.16% controls the infestation by inhibiting the development of horn fly, stable fly, housefly and face fly larvae in the manure and feces of treated calves, including veal calves.

By feeding JustiFLY® in your calf’s whole milk or milk re­placer assures consistent fly control for pennies per head per day.