JustiFLY® Feedthrough 3% 12 lb bag

  • JustiFLY® Feedthrough 3% 12 lbs bag with a 360gram (12.7oz) scoop for use on-farm
  • Breaks the life cycle of horn fly, stable fly, house fly and face fly for pennies per head/day
  • Reduces animal-handling stress. No withdrawal period. No residues. No resistance issues
  • Simple as mix a scoop (12.7oz) for each 50 lbs of your preferred free-choice mineral
  • In average, one JustiFLY® Feedthrough 3% 12 lbs bag treats 175 animals per month

JustiFLY® Feedthrough is an insect growth regulator (IGR) larvicide available for use on-farm that effectively treats horn flies as well as disease-caring face flies, biting stable fly and nuisance houseflies. JustiFLY® Feedthrough 3% 12 lbs bag with scoop is priced to allow beef and dairy producers cost-effective fly control by stopping the larvae from developing once in contact with treated manure. JustiFLY® allows producers full-season fly control while utilizing their own specific mineral choice. There’s no longer a need to change minerals to economically include fly control. It is also ideal for pastures and calf hutches where knocking down horn fly populations is critical to animal comfort, weight gains and feed conversion. JustiFLY® Feedthrough 3% 12 lbs bag comes with a scoop of 360-gram (12.7-ounce) for use with free choice minerals to control flies on pasture and confinement cattle. Each scoop of 360-gram treats one 50-lb bag of free choice mineral.
JustiFLY® Feedthrough – Part high-tech killing machine, part economic stimulus plan.