What is JustiFLY® Feedthrough?

New JustiFLY® Feedthrough is an insect growth regulator (IGR) used to prevent the development of infestations of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated beef and dairy cows and veal animals. When mixed with feed or mineral supplements, diflubenzuron, the active ingredient in JJustiFLY® Feedthrough, passes through the digestive tract and into the feces in sufficient concentration to kill fly larvae.

What is the mode of action of JustiFLY®?

JustiFLY® Feedthrough controls the infestation by inhibiting the development of fly larvae in the manure and feces of treated animals.

What species of animals can be fed JustiFLY®?

JustiFLY® Feedthrough is labeled for lactating and non-lactating beef and dairy cows, slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle and calves including veal calves.

Can I put JustiFLY® in my pelleted feed?

Yes, diflubenzuron has a melting point of 400° F, so pelleting can be done with minimal process loss.

Since JustiFLY® is an EPA registered product, what is the FDA stance on use with other feed additives?

JustiFLY® Feedthrough is simply classified as a pesticide when used in non-medicated feeds. JustiFLY® Feedthrough can be custom blended per the provisions of 40 CFR 167.3. JustiFLY® Feedthrough is an EPA-approved insecticide and does not require further registration to be used in medicated feed. JustiFLY® is mixable in feed containing any FDA approved drug unless prohibited by the label.